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ZetaTalk: Contorted Path
written Aug 21, 2004

We have stated that Planet X does a dual 270° Roll as it positions itself along the Sun's magnetic flow lines both above and below the Ecliptic, and that the Earth Participates in this, being the lesser magnet. Just how contorted does this passage become? Crop Circles from over a decade ago, in the early 1990’s, and ancient depiction’s show this to be an almost unimaginable series of twists and turns. Does this passing planet indeed make these twists, and why would ancient man, and circle makers, be so determined to record this? Viewed from today, when the constellations seem not quite right and the Moon often out of place, the Sun rising and setting in a spot too far North, and the weather beyond man’s memory in its oddity, these twists seem bizarre and unimaginable. Just wait. As the approaching monster planet, with its entourage of moon swirls and loose debris slinging into Earth’s atmosphere as fireballs, begins the dance of its passage, it performs before man on the stage of the Sun such that the dance cannot be missed.

Ancient man watched the contortions with fascination and horror, wondering where their Earth, their home, was to go. Sunrise in the West was an indication that Earth was a dancing partner, and those who survived the wrenching earthquakes and flood tides that followed were determined to document for future generations what they had observed. Be warned, your relatively peaceful days of weather irregularities and orbit oddities will not last, and the wild ride to begin will not end until your Earth is thrown into a different twist, cities washed away, continents torn apart, and the expectations of the seasons quite beyond what memory serves. We will not detail the timing or the steps this contorted path will take, as of this date, this information is not being shared broadly with mankind, but is restricted so that only the elite have access. They are still not sharing what they know with the common man, who deserves to know what is upon them as much as the arrogant elite, and are still not arranging to allow ZetaTalk to be disseminated to the common man simultaneously with delivery to the elite. If they wish to know what the contorted path will bring, and when, they need to unsheathe the cover-up.

Brunoy, France : 2004
Canada : July 7, 2004
Appleshaw, 1995
Glina, 1994
Signs of the Times #1062
Avebury and the Dark Star [Aug, 2004] ‘The people who settled in the Avebury area and began to plan the stone circles there had witnessed a most remarkable celestial phenomenon. ... In any case, it is of interest to note that a third circle with an additional serpentine trail attached is to be found adjacent to Avebury, ... might indicate a Planet X-type object. ... Babylonian culture that seem to show a similar binary connotation. There is a clear trinity of celestial objects on this stella, towards the top; the Sun, the Moon and a third, radiant planet. Note the presence of the Babylonian deity Marduk further down the stella, a deity closely associated with Nibiru. It is interesting to compare this image with a later alchemical dragon, Azoth, with his two suns and a moon.’ [Note: the Second Sun appearance of Planet X and the contorted waving path depicted in many crop circles.]