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At the Knee

In education, like everything else, we need to be specific on what is taught to children. So much of formal education is just teaching children how to sit still, be polite, be quiet, etc. Rules and regulations are taught, and often religious beliefs, all under the guise of educating the child. For instance, in the US, children often learn the Pledge of Allegiance as the first thing! To truly have education stick, it is important to have the child work with what they have been taught right away. Learn and then do, and then it sticks and is not forgotten. During the Aftertime, when the adult may have little time to spare, children should be taught concepts as they share in the maintenance work on the survival systems.

In other words, as the children spread out and help with the chores, the adults can take time out to explain things to them as they go along. The child learns and while they do their chores.

Offered by Nancy.