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Shrink Wrap

Seal-a-Meal is a machine that has been out for years and should be easy to find. It is known by many brand names that I am not sure of, but has the same basic design. Seal-a-Meal was the first company to make this way back, so that is what I call it.

It is a machine where you put food that you want to store such as meat, vegetables and even other small stuff. Basically. You put the books into plastic bags that come with it and are available at places like Woolworth's and such, the open end sets on the front of the machine and it sucks all the air out of the bag. Shrivels it up like a prune. It creates a vacuum inside the bag and whatever may be in it. You then push on the top and it melts a line across the plastic sealing in the vacuum and the air out.

I got mine at a yard sale for about two bucks, so am not sure of the price. Probably about $25 or so. I am using it on books to preserve them from moisture and the air until later when they will be needed. They can be packed away in boxes and "duct" taped shut until we need them later. This information will be worth a million bucks in the future for prolonging our technology and for amusement. Seal-a-Meal is sold by Rival, 1-800-557-4825.

Offered by Clipper.

I get my Seal-a-Meal bags at Orchard Hardware - they also call themselves OSH.

Offered by Teresa.