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There are items on the market that can be written on again and again. These are 'slates', I guess that word is right, that consist of a layer of transparent film, under this film there is a layer of magnetic dust or something but I don't know the exact make up of the materials used. Then one has a pen to go with that with which one can draw a line over the magnetic part of the board which will be black. When one wishes to erase the drawing/writing/sketch there is a little handle on the side connected to an elongated magnet under the magnetic film. When you move this handle from right to left then all the magnetic particles get evened out and the screen is blank again. A year ago I saw this on TV too, but this time as a tool to be used in offices as a substitute for the 'flip over', this in order to spare paper.

Offered by Michel.

What you are describing sounds like the 'Etch a Sketch'. If you have ever tried it, actually writing on it is very difficult. There is a simple writing device which is a transparent gray film over a slick, black cardboard background. You write or draw on it with a blunt stylus. This causes the film to stick to the background, making a line. When you want to reuse it, you simply pull up one end of the sheet and it is 'erased'. For temporary drawing or writing, it would be hard to beat the simplicity of chalk and slate! Also available in multiple colors! Paper is still important, as it would be the lowest-tech medium which would have any chance of surviving for a long period of time. Writing should not be allowed to die out!

Offered by George.

I know of the slates you speak of. They retail for about 15.00 - 20.00 US dollars in any department or toy store.

Offered by Thor.