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Paper and Ink

I think making paper is more important in recording records than CDs. True CD's can hold vast amounts of information but how many CD's are you going to preserve and what if your laptop gets destroyed during all the chaos. If one knows how to make paper then one doesn"t have to worry about problems with one's laptop. I think it's important to preserve technology but I think it's more important to get back to the basics that way you could be totally self sufficient.

Offered by Morgan.

After the pole shift. it's going to be awfully damp. Constant rain, mud and stuff underfoot. Paper will be difficult to store. Of course we have to make sure we have lots and lots of parts to fix the computers and CD-ROM drives. Not only that, but even if there is a good way to store paper - which there probably is - paper takes up an awful lot of room. Also, if we get rid of the paper, we don't have to worry about making ink, having lots of pens, etc. Now, having said that, it occurs to me that we do not want to lose the art of writing either. I know you can write on computer screens. Is there something else, like a slate, that can be written on, and then cleared, and written on again? Just some ideas to be kicked around. Sorry if this sounds stupid; but I communicate always either in Braille, or by email, or on tape; so I don't know what's out there with regard to writing.

Offered by Helena.