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Resources on CD

I don't know whether laptop computers with CD-ROM drives will survive, but if they do, they will be invaluable in preserving something of our present culture. The CD's themselves should be quite durable. Some things to preserve:

- music CD's of all types of music
- reference works (Encyclopedia Britannica, etc.).
- complete works of Shakespeare and other authors.
- images of great works of art.

Let's get some thinking going along these lines, as well. I wouldn't want to survive in a world without any intellectual or spiritual stimulation.

Offered by George.

Also, on the CDs, we could have stories and things, educational material, for children. Fiction books, even, to provide escape for times when the days are long, and - I know there is going to be a lot of work to do, but there may be some downtime to be filled. Each community should try for several computers, and several CD-ROM drives; also parts, to fix them. We certainly should get something going on this.

Offered by Helena.