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Duplicate Copies

Be aware that most paper today, especially in books, only survives a certain time before disintegrating. Somebody should do some research on availability of paper with a prolonged lifetime. Store the paper away from sunlight (may not be a problem after the pole shift) and humidity. Store at least two copies, one for your own reference, one for posterity. Everything you store on recordable media, print the essential parts. (Forget trying to print it all. One complete encyclopedia can now be stored on one CD.) This is not a question of CD-ROM or paper. It is a question of using all available options, and hoping that at least one of the mechanisms survives, both the PS in itself, and then the aftertime.

Any mandatory technology should be stored in at least 3 -three- copies, preferably in different places, preferably with different structures. (Dome on solid rock, reinforced and protected shed on earthquake-proof foundations etc.). All spare parts will have to be stored in advance, including any recordable CDRs. I believe your best bet is new systems directly from the vendor in the original boxes. If necessary add shock-proofing protection around the boxes.

Offered by Jan.