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Many Forms

I am a writer. And I, for one, (if I survive) will not allow the art of writing to die. I think it is most important to preserve records and archives in whatever form we can, and maybe in several forms, just to be safe. Paper can easily be made from birch bark. As long as the paper is in a plastic sleeve of some kind, it is fairly easy to preserve, though it does deteriorate after time. CD-ROM will be most likely to survive all the changes. (Has anyone made a battery-operated CD drive?)

There are also cassette recordings of information and music. I keep many of my family records on mini-cassettes, because there are times that it is just easier to speak into a tape than to sit down and try to write things out. Also, the inflections and emotions of the moment are preserved this way. Another form of preservation, I think, is still the old vinyl records, which would be good, as wind up record players would be the most simple technology to duplicate after the pole shift. The government still keeps archives on microfiche, which can also be viewed with simple technology (magnification).

Offered by Shekhina.

As far as preserving books, I think microfiche would be our best bet. Visible with a magnifying glass, these small sheets of plastic film are compact, and do not rely on technology.

Offered by Thor.