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Write CD

Current magnetic storage technology is far too fragile to be trusted, a single human hair or dust particle can destroy a disk. The main advantage of CD-ROM storage is that it is not magnetic. It is very similar to an old-style record. A laser "burns" microscopic grooves into a thin metal sheet encased in plastic. Only physical destruction can destroy data on a CD. Readable/writable These CD's, stored in a fire-proof (and therefore temperature resistant) lockbox placed in a reinforced steel safe would have the greatest chance of surviving a 15-Richter quake, and meteor shower. This equipment (safe and lockbox) is available at your local Wal-Mart store for under $100.00 and the CD-ROM drive, provided you already have a computer that can support it, only costs about $400.00 or less. CD's run about $4.99 at Best Buy or any other computer/technology shop.

Offered by Helena.

Nothing like a good pole shift to change western civilization into a third world country. If you have a spare $895, you can buy, from ATL:

The Appropriate Technology Microfiche Library of over 150,000 pages of full text covering all areas of village-level and do-it-yourself technology--all on microfiche, indexed and organized in a carrying case you can lift with one hand. The AT Microfiche Library gives you all the benefits of a comprehensive appropriate technology library in the space it takes to store a shoebox.

Offered by Steve.