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The series of forwards from alt.survival are all very good and can be found in any good backpacking book. The posts, though, seem to me to be quite inappropriate for a forum like alt.survival. The best appropriate information of this nature that I have ever seen was in a 4 week course taught by the Fish and Game Commission in New Hampshire, completion of which was a necessary condition to obtain a hunting license. The reason for this mandatory course was the number of lives lost each year during hunting season in the state, because of hunters getting lost.

The focus of the course dealt first with panic, then things one should always have on their body should one get lost. Absolutely everything included on the "survival pack" would fit into a common pocket plastic first aid kit case measuring about 4x6 inches. A few of the things which are included related to being rescued if lost or disabled under today's conditions, and thus could be replaced by items more appropriate to a post pole shift scenario. This is the sort of thing I would expect to see on alt.survival.

The second thing that I feel is absolutely necessary to keep foremost in one's mind about the advice offered by these posts is that they really aren't talking about a survival situation at all; but a normal hiking trip in the context of today. In many places they simply aren't applicable when talking about travel post pole shift. An example is the emphasis they place on a camping stove - where are you going to get the fuel? Another thing you will find in all hiking or backpacking books is a very liberal spicing of "don't disturb Mother Nature". That's very important for a recreational hike today; but post pole shift, Mother Nature isn't going to even notice you as she will be in the midst of a nervous breakdown!

Offered by Ron.