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Another thing that I forgot to mention is rain gear. In normal hiking rain gear is a "just in case" item. Post pole shift, it is an essential and most important item. I know of nothing now manufactured that I would consider adequate. My personal plan is to make my own. It will be patterned after the common "poncho" but will be much more durable and also longer. I plan to make it from common fiberglass reinforced "tarp" material so as to stand up to the abuse it would take hiking through post pole shift terrain. It will be a couple feet longer, even reach the top of my boots as a "normal poncho" only reaches about my knees so below that gets a soaking.

Particular attention will be paid to two areas. The first being to add a "pocket" to allow the back pack to remain under the poncho without the back of the poncho riding up higher than the front. The second area of attention is the "hood". It will include a closed area for the neck fitted so that it covers the entire neck and chin area with a "cinch" to draw it tight against the exposed eyes, nose and mouth. Such a poncho can actually be used as shelter for the night in a soaking down poor, by just sitting and leaning against some support, drawing the boots up under the long poncho length provided.

Offered by Ron.