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The so called dry wood that was close to the fire may not be all that dry but this wood and charcoal that was close to the fire should be easier to rekindle. Remember we have no dry leaves or news paper to help start the next fire. Put small burning pieces and hot coals into a 1 to 5 gallon steel paint can and close the lid. Any other steel container would also work. The fire will go out almost instantly (say within 30 seconds) once the container is closed, with no oxygen to feed the fire. Carry this to the next encampment to help start the next fire. If the lid is completely air tight, the tin can could collapse when the hot gases cool. A small hole punched on the side near the top will keep a vacuum from forming. The can could have charcoal dust, sand or a bit of dry dirt in the bottom to help keep the metal from getting too hot.

Offered by Mike.

I think that if you can fill your two empty paint cans which are part of the portable water still with the appropriate material from the fire that this would be all that is necessary to get the next one going. In fact, in two of the survival field trips I attended, I was able to start a fire using the bow drill technique with only charcoal powder for a starting tinder.

Offered by Ron.