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Be Alert

After taking some of the survival classes I have realized how inefficiently we use our senses. I came across this article in Tom Brown's True Tracks news letter and thought I would share it with the group. This was written by one of his instructors.

In the Standard class, Tom compares modern people's senses to someone who has been strapped into a hospital bed for 5 years. Due to lack of use, certain aspects of our senses have atrophied so much that we don't know what is possible. I'm starting to realize that with practice all of our senses can paint just as vivid a mental picture as our sight. One example of this is a blind man who, once a year, tunes my parents piano. The first time he walked into the house, he played one key on the piano and was able to tell what type of piano it was along with the year it was made. After tuning he said, "don't worry about that vibrating sound (which, by the way, no one else could hear), it's not from the piano, it's from the 3 picture frames you have hanging on that wall behind the piano". This man was able to see the room with his ears. If this is possible, just imagine what kind of picture a wolf can draw with its sense of smell. I've heard of people who have developed their sense of touch so strongly that they can read type off of a page as if it were Braille. So what do all these people have in common? Need and practice. Let's face it, in today's modern world our lives do not depend on using all of our senses to their limit.

Under a pole shift condition we will have the need to use all our senses efficiently if we want to survive. When I have been placed in very difficult situations, like the awareness class I took a month ago, I find my mind and body moving to a higher level to adapt to the environment. I believe we all have to realize that each one of us can survive under more difficult situations if we keep a positive outlook and learn to work with our minds and bodies so we can realize their full potential.

Offered by David.