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Family Classes

In order to prepare for the pole shift I feel some of the programs offered by Tom Brown are invaluable. Last year I went to his Standard and Coyote class (with my 9 year old). The information I obtained was incredible and will help me prepare for the future. My son had the most wonderful time in his life. Among a few things he did were making fire, building a debris hut and sleeping in it, getting a great experience with nature. This year my wife and I are planning to take a wild edibles course, pioneering class and one of the family camps.

Tracker School
Phone: 908-479-4681
The Coyote camp for young children is worth weight in gold for parent and child.
Woods Wisdom
Phone: 717-352-8499
He offers a pioneering course where you spend a week in the woods with just basic out door gear.

Offered by David.