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Self Teaching

I believe looking into Montessori methods might be valuable in teaching kids after the PS. The methods devised by Montessori are developmentally appropriate and do a great job of teaching children how to become responsible at a young age by allowing them to do as much for themselves as they want, and similarly teaching cooperation by allowing the children to work in small groups together.

Offered by Ted.

Skinner was heavily influenced by Montessori, though he was not a strict Montessori adherent, as Montessori wrote from a Catholic perspective, while Skinner lived in the sober age of post-atheism and denial of religious dogma of any kind. The Montessori doctrine, while being basically very good, has to be reviewed in order to fit better in the world today, and so is Skinner's probably, but they certainly both had the right idea. Some schools use Both Techniques and there is information on the Internet about operant conditioning and behaviorism in general.

In addition, consider this thought: it has been proposed, that all human knowledge, whether it was written or even only conceived as an idea in someone's mind, is encoded into each human brain, as part of the collective subconscious of the human race as a whole. This idea has been first proposed by Carl Jung and others in the 20's, and has gathered increasing acceptance today, so that people like the New Age crowd pretty much take it for granted. This means that every person, at any given time, has the ability to willfully tap into those vast knowledge resources, that are just waiting in the brain anyway to be used.

Certain techniques have always been available to glimpse at least part of that huge store of data. Some schools of thought claim that they can teach you how to do it. Gurdjieff and Ouspensky, for instance, wrote about methods to help you "remember". There are also many recorded instances of uneducated people suddenly reading books out of their mind, or people playing a famous music piece without any musical training, and so on. There have been many explanations for these phenomena, such as demon-possession, walk-in, contactee, etc. All these could be true, but I prefer to think that it's just us tapping into our unconscious store of the entire sum of human knowledge.

Our human selves will change greatly after the pole shift, perhaps gaining the ability to tap into that store of knowledge all the time. I think so. Thus, the traditional system of education as we know it today will have to be done away with, and a whole new, currently inconceivable approach, constructed. I believe that we will know what to do when the time comes. Nonetheless, in the interim conditions immediately after the shift, while we're still clinging to our 3d Density selves, we will probably need to have some sort of books with which to at least start the kids on the way to the kind of education we know. Somebody got us thinking when we were young, and now it's our duty to do the same for the next generation.

Offered by Shaul.