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I remember going through a full year of adjustment, where I looked at things around me and imagined what would happen at the pole shift. Being in the Bay Area, and knowing that the tidal waves will roar over the coastal mountains and flood the inland valleys, and that in the Bay Area a back wash will occur, I could put details to the image. I would imagine dead bodies, washing back out from inland and washing against the inside of the coastal mountains. Dead bodies caught in houses that were covered with water, drowned, floating still in their living rooms where they were caught. The buildings and homes, all smashed and crushed against each other.

These images would play though my mind daily for a period of time, my own adjustment period, in which I tried to come to grips with what this will mean. This also means coming to grips with the fact that family members won't make it, won't want to, will chose to be in a place where certain death or likely death will result. One must be at peace, to a certain extent, with these unconscious decisions made by others.

Offered by Nancy.