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Inner Struggle

The clock is ticking, the days come and go, everything passes us so fast and in this state of thought the nearing 12th Planet - and the pole shift it will cause - become ever more terrifying. It gets to you, you may feel nervous and suddenly there may even be a little sense of panic within. You might start to think about what one can do to prepare, if one has time enough, if you will be ready financially by then to prepare as you want to - as others want to, and you may think about all the destruction and death it will cause to all that now seems so normal. When alone you may become angry, sad and frustrated. You will become temporarily confused emotionally, and from this state a short depression may arise, to put you down. You become tired, and eventually you will relax. All will seem to better soon, and you are open again to see the light at the end of this dark tunnel. And days later you find yourself flowing into this mindset again.

Does this sound familiar to you? Then you are going through Cycles, and most likely these are continued because you may feel you lack The Means To Prepare, or you can't Express Yourself about this topic to your loved ones, or you are suffering from what I call Pole Shift Anxiety. You need to put it all In Perspective.

Offered by Michel.