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It's difficult to keep one's perspective when you have not a rack to hang one's hat on. How do you pray when you know now religion was a means of mass control? How do you feel when you know now your emotions can be manipulated by means of electromagnetic inductions and subliminal messages? How do you eat when you know now that the majority of the food is contaminated with chemicals, feces, hormones, radiation and plastics? How many of you out there have silver fillings, drink fluoridated water, been vaccinated. You've been poisoned and the government knows it. Our children have been poisoned, there's no getting around that. We must all learn to cope with reality, I know that, and I also know that seeing it for what it is would be no easy task and I don't shun it. My eyes are open and my heart bleeds. I know I see just the tip of the iceberg and chances are I will be ripped to shreds by the bulk I don't see.

Yet ... I still can be overwhelmed by the beauty of a dew drop on a blade of grass. Catch my breath in awe at the sight of a doe crossing a meadow. Become totally engrossed and lost within the play of my two children. I feel a sense of warmth and satisfaction when I can help someone just for that feeling alone! I love the taste of chocolate! Being able to watch the sun rise and set, seeing the moon pass thru its phases, watching all the colors pass before my eyes as day becomes night, I sometimes feel that understanding all that there is is just at the edge of my sight and if I look hard enough I'll be able to see the "why" of the horrors and beautys of this world. I will be able to hold in balance the "deaths" and "births" of innocent people, the "slaughters" and "salvations" of nations, and the "you" and "me" of perception.

Offered by Pat.