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Disaster Strikes

Shekhina, your story couldn't have been too long. Apart from the fact that the message it gives is superb, I found it riveting. By the time you got to the actual emergency, I was sitting on the edge of my chair, because I knew something was coming. You have hit the nail smack on the head, not only for the bigger picture, the pole shift, but for the smaller disasters that could affect my own life.

Here we have been following the ice storms in Quebec and New York. Every morning at around one or two o'clock, there is a broadcast on one of our radio stations, describing how things are with those who have been affected. In this regard, I have realized how totally unprepared we would be if something similar were to happen to us. Yes, we have candles; yes, we have battery radios ... and that's all. We have no extra foodstores, no logs to put in the fireplace; no oil lamps of any kind. It isn't that I have been unmindful of the need to prepare. I usually like to have backups for everything. When we first moved into this house, I suggested that as well as an electric stove and fridge, we also acquire a natural gas stove, and a gas-powered fridge. We didn't; but in any case, these are preparations for a disaster that would occur in a civilized environment. I am going to have to get into a whole new mindset to deal with the pole shift.

Offered by Helena.