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I had a dream not to long ago where my brother was putting my mom in our car to take her away to die because she knew she would not make it through the red skies, lightning and firestorms that were happening. (mom is 81). The last dream I had was a few nights ago. My wife and another officer in the Troubled Times nonprofit were in it. It was a restaurant atmosphere. My wife dreamt the same night in a restaurant atmosphere. Both dreams had lots of people in them. My oldest daughter dreamed of Stephen King coming out of the bathroom wall saying "The terror of the world, you will see". Her boyfriend had one where they were at a party that lasted for days but was forever dark. These dreams all happened on the same night. The next day is when I asked of the list serve if others had any dreams to see how far this occurrence went. Yes, and the nonprofit officer had also dreamed that night in a cataclysmic fashion. (We are good friends).

Is it time to awaken?

Offered by Clipper.