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Secret Preparations

As you might be aware of, I am someone who is stuck within an environment which is and will stay I fear, in complete denial. Though I claim I have this task to spread the word (guess why!) I wondered today if might not be the only one isolated. I know people who are on the list but don't want their names to appear. Same situation, or so. So I think there are simple tips to provide to begin with a preparedness.

Everyday tips. Things that you can do without being suspected! For instance: if you have children, think of the size of clothes (and especially shoes) they will need in 2003 and after and buy them, or keep them if you have several children. You will be a very far-sighted person, no more! Or begin to learn how to use homeopathy cause these pills are valuable for 5 years so you can have a stock when times come. Again a very clever person, no more. Buy and grow fruit trees at home (very decorating, and up to date) you will be an artist, no more, and so on. It's because I cannot ask my husband to think of either hydroponics or eating bugs unless the arguing would get awful -and I'm sure I'm not the only one! - that I thought of the unsuspected ways of getting prepared, at least a bit. And not only within your family but with your neighbors.

Offered by Véronique.

For those who stay in denial (or are too poor to stock up on everything now) before the red orb appears. Have a list of essentials: food, supplies, etc. and begin to "raid" the grocery stores when you have seen enough signs to know the time is "go". Each day, say, returning from work, go to a different store outside your neighborhood (avoid raising suspicions) and buy your whole list. If money is short, as it is for us, use that "emergency" credit card you have stored. Go to different stores and return/unload after dark. Store items in different places at your post-pole shift setting. If your timing is right, you will have your inventory bought and stored by the time things happen. Don't forget the hardware stores, for things on that list. (If you are still in the subdivision by then, good luck!)

Offered by Granville.