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OK, you may say, "Why are you telling us this story?" Well, I am telling you this story because I think there are some important lessons here, for those of us who are trying to be prepared for whatever crisis may soon come to pass. I am certain that this little story will cause many of you to think twice about how secure your emergency preparedness materials and supplies really are. And I hope this story will cause you to re-evaluate what are really the most important things in your life. And I am telling you this story because I now know, first hand, that nothing, absolutely nothing, is ever 100% safe and secure, no matter how hard or how long you have tried to be prepared. And I am telling you this story because it is evident to me that this kind of crisis can happen to anyone at anytime. I know; because that man is my son ... because that crisis is real and present in my life ... and because sharing this story is one way that I can reach out and help in a way that perhaps no one else can. I am telling you all this story simply because I care!

I hope that in some small way, my sharing of this story and our recently-conceived solution sets, will help those who read it. If any part of this story gives you cause to think about your own situation and come up with something better than what you already have, I will feel that I have succeeded in my efforts to help.

Offered by Shekhina.