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If it does happen then it will be a big mess, and all this may be just the prolonging of the agony and the dead will be lucky, but you never know till you live it and I say prepare for the worst and life will just get better. I am involved in a restoration project with a travel trailer that had a fire in it. When it is finished then it will serve as a mobile retreat or if nothing happens then it will be a travel trailer. I would do it anyway so it becomes not a waste of time. Know what I mean? A fanatic with poise is a man splitting something that the eye can not see.

Offered by Lou.

You can live for today and prepare for tomorrow. If you take a look at what you actually do on a day to day basis, almost all of us already do that without recognizing it. Do you have a retirement plan? Then you're preparing for tomorrow. If you believe in this stuff, you will probably make some different decisions about that retirement plan, just as if you thought rampant inflation would happen, a recession, or a continuation of today. You're always making decisions about tomorrow. I'm assuming your children are going to school to prepare for tomorrow. It's all in how you look at it.

Offered by John.