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Many of us on the list have spent a lifetime studying prophets and prophecies. I personally have read 27 different translations of the Bible, the prophecies of the First American tribes, the history of the world, including Atlantis and Mu, as well as Krshna, The Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and The Pearl of Great Price, just to name a few. I have been seeking answers to the problems of men since I could read. And you know what? They all say the same thing! They all speak of this time in the world. And they all freely give faith, hope, and love to those of us living in these times. Many visionaries have drawn maps of the after-time. Gordon Michael Scallion has a wonderful map that shows his vision of the world after these changes. There is an I AM map available on the internet, as well as others.

The earth has opened up many times and swallowed everything in the vicinity. Many people have died in earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods. Many people will continue to die in such circumstances. I, myself, have experienced many personal terrors concerning some very violent weather. I am sure that many on this list have, also. But preparing for a tidal wave when you know it is coming is not a waste of time. Making ready for a blizzard coming in is just good common sense. Building structures that will sway and not break in an earthquake zone a good indicator of well-founded foresight. These are the things we prepare for, even if we hope and pray every day that it will not happen to us. So putting aside some rations to make it through a world-wide economic tragedy is a good thing to do. Watching the signs of the times and learning some new skills that will be beneficial later, whether or not there is a pole shift, is frugal thinking. I have never considered making preparations, learning skills, and improving our quality of life to be wasted time.

Offered by Shekhina.