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Isn’t the rock hard proof that the pole-shift is going to happen?

Offered by Mitja.

There are no absolutes, positive or negative. Even if the pole shift never happens, there are a multitude of reasons (in my mind) to prepare for a self-sufficient lifestyle, which brings about a better quality of life. I left the city years ago and moved to the land. It is the greatest thing I ever did for myself and my children! Of course, the pole shift might be all speculation. But the changing weather is as real as the clouds in the sky every day. The crumbling economics world-wide are as real as the numerous bank branches that have already closed their doors. The deterioration of society is evident everywhere you look. The atmosphere is full of gases, toxins, and poisons - all created by man. Someone needs to do something to make things better for all concerned. I think this is what we are doing here on this list.

Offered by Shekhina.

We are all intelligent, caring, scientific and spiritual people. To put it more simply; we are the ones who poke our heads out of the box and take a good look around. Once we've investigated thoroughly, we report back to our friends and loved ones our interpretation of what we've seen. We don't walk the streets wearing sandwich boards announcing that the end is near. We know that the pole shift is only a possibility and we are committed to preparing for that possibility. I know in my heart that everyone on the list, no matter how dissatisfied we may be with the world today, hopes that we are all wrong. No one wants to see millions or billions of people dying horribly all at once knowing that they could have saved themselves. I'm sure Noah's heart was breaking as he watched his neighbors die after warning them about the flood. I know that our hearts will break too.

Offered by Doug.