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Face Fears

Facing things that make one uncomfortable is necessary in order to grow. We suggest that only by personal, individual growth will we change along with our planet, which is in a cycle of rapid change at this time. Usually what one avoids facing inside is the thing that can set one free. But only if dealt with honestly. The mind believes it alone knows 'the truth,' do not let it deceive you into making fear based decisions, such as flight or fight decisions, otherwise known as panic. Even a 'controlled panic' is fear motivated, reactionary and unreliable, often not seeing all options, especially of a moderate nature. Fear is the mind killer. Its legacy is inner chaos; and emotions can become unhinged when the mind freezes. However it is the exercise of coping skills that develop exactly from these uncomfortable situations that may save lives in an extreme situation. If these coping skills are not used and you find yourself 'on the job training', with unknown factors coming at you fast and furious, it's too late to practice flexing the coping skills muscles. This is the time to practice, while there is precious time (food still on the table, houses standing, etc.).

What are coping skills? Patience is the first step. Patience with what you have had to bear, realizing other people have many more burdens. Does this not make you grateful? That's a good start. But the foundation is facing fear, the nitty-gritty, the hardest and most necessary action for growth and change. We all have courage to some degree, somewhere inside. Haul it up, dust it off and prepare yourself to use it. Courage is an act of mentally harnessing emotion, a union of emotion and mental processes used willfully. What are you deathly, irrationally afraid of? What you avoid at all costs, what you are willing to lie to yourself to evade or ignore, that is the fear, that's the one that must be faced. Why? Because if you want the best chances of surviving earth changes you must depend on yourself. And if you have hopes of saving your loved ones, you must do the hard work now-on yourself. Facing your fears now, and in the next few years, is an important exercise if you hope to offer help to anyone else, lest you fall apart when overwhelming disasters happen. No one else can do this work for you, or make you do it, other than your sense of conscience, bringing your integrity into action.

Simply stated; now is the time to face what you fear, clear out all the history, nagging irrational emotions, old anger, new anger, whatever, deal with it now, because if the crust on our planet is drug along with a pole shift, you ain't seen nothing yet. Emotionally, if you're all full up with old or other frustrations, you won't have any coping skills left to deal with truly mind boggling events.

Offered by Forrest.