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The Troubled Times teams uses several mailing lists, a means by which all members receive via e-mail any comments made to the membership list, to facilitate discussion. Those joining the mailing lists are assumed to have done their homework by reviewing the Troubled Times pages and to be in agreement with the Troubled Times Premise. The mailing lists operate in a democratic manner when dealing with Contention, but request that members adhear to Posting Guidelines. Subscribing to a mailing list allows new members to take the pulse of the activities and ongoing discussions and introduce themselves when they feel the time is right.

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The mailing lists support discussion and/or receipt of information via e-mail. However, the content is available on the web, for easy reading, so subscription to the mailing list is not necessary if one only wants to stay informed. The mailing lists within Troubled Times are:

The nonprofit organization, Troubled Times, Inc. is a separate entity from this volunteer group, but shares the same goals and values. Though many individuals are members in both groups, they are separate legal entities. This volunteer group is under no obligation to adhear to any of the Troubled Times, Inc. bylaws, nor is it under any restrictions or stipulations that grants to Troubled Times, Inc. may require. Troubled Times, Inc., the nonprofit organization, hopes to further the goals expressed by both Troubled Times groups through prototype development, experimentation, and media outreach.