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ZetaTalk: Many Greys
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995.

Grey. What does that mean? That the skin tone is gray, rather than green or blue or beige? Well, we've got news for the human race. Most of the alien forms they will meet will be gray (or grey as some spell it). Of the some thousand or more visitors to Earth, over half have been of a gray tone. Why is this? The color is what the eye can perceive. Do you imagine that the human eye sees all? Your scientists will tell you this is not so, that your eyes see a very small spectrum of what is to be seen. When the color of the skin before you cannot be seen by you, you register gray. It is impossible to describe the color spectrum that humans are missing, as they would have no frame of reference. The colors are new to humans. The rainbows we see have dozens of colors beyond the rainbows you see.

We, the Service-to-Others Zetas, have thus been lumped in with what appear to humans to be grays from Orion, even though these aliens have pendulant noses, and we barely have noses; reptilians, even though we are warm-blooded and smooth skinned, and reptilians have scales; and other hominoids whose skin color is not pinkish or some other dramatic color - in other words, where the aliens appear pale or colorless. There are literally hundreds of the latter alien type. In fact, we, the Zetas, have been placed in the category of being the alien group involved on every encounter that is not specifically Nordic, Pleiadean, or some alien life form that is so distinctly reptilian that it is green and without hominoid limbs, such as the Dinos or a snake form.

As we, the Zetas, have a distinct body type, being so very thin in proportion to our head size, we should think that humans would be able to differentiate. In actuality, the lack of differentiation is not due to the inability of contactees to do so, it is due to the shrill propaganda placed against us. This will only increase as the populace gets increasingly comfortable with the concept of being galactic humans. As it is we, the Zetas, they will be talking to in the main, those who wish separation at all costs will step up the volume.

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